Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mustard Tart

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Hello Dolls,

I don't know about you but I can't wait for the day that the fashion stores add some color to their inventory. I have been online shopping and I have yet to find a store who carries some color. Since there are none at the moment, I have used what I already have in my wardrobe to give my outfit some spring cheer.

The neutral piece in this outfit is the white wrapped body suit is from and the mustard bandage skirt  is from . The heels, as you must have guessed are from
The necklace is from and you can get your first month free by using code CARIXOXO. The items that I received in my recent box are gorgeous.

It's almost Memorial Day weekend and I will be super busy with freelancing work, it's bitter sweet. Saturday will be the busiest day of them all with clients back to back nonstop. On the other hand, Monday will be the funnest of them all. I'm looking forward to spending Monday with my family.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Rosy Posie

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Some shoes are very hard to walk but these got to be the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. I love the different shades of nudes and the clear peek-a-boos on the pump. The outfit began with the rose pink faux leather skirt and the white top from Forever21. The heels, which come at no surprise are from I just realized that the next outfit is also a skater skirt. So stay tune for that one.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shimmi Shimmi Bang Bang

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Hello Dolls, 

    Creative title, right? :) I actually did that shimmy shimmy bang bang on my SnapChat (CariCollazo) and when I sat down to write this post I thought it would be a great title. The shimmies on this outfit are those pads on top of the beautiful crop top. The crop which was on sale and probably no longer available is from Bebe. The high waisted bandage skirt is from as well. And as always the pumps are from . I'm soooo into crop tops and high waisted skirts.

Would you wear this?

Xo, Cari

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Neon Lights

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Hello Dolls,

    Neon and bright colors are hard to style. I play with outfits or look for inspiration online, outdoors and all around. Pick a color and play with your options. When in doubt look at a color wheel and look for complimentary colors. I found inspiration in an outfit Kim Kardashian wore a while ago. She wore a black top with blue dark denim jeans and a black blazer. She was wearing a pair of yellow neon pumps and a black clutch. I went with a black turtle neck from and my neon pumps are from

    How would you style these pumps?

Xo, Cari

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Minty Fresh

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Hello Loves,

      Who doesn't love heels. Heels of all types, colors and styles. One can just never have enough. This beautiful pump is from . Let me warn you, you'll be seeing a whole lot from their site in the next coming weeks. Down below I provided you with my Shoe Haul, check it out. 
      I added a mint pencil skirt and a white crop top. The mint pencil skirt is from and the top is from
     The beautiful necklace is from . Use code CARIXOXO to receive your first month of subscription absolutely free. 

Till next one,

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